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Performance Management Services

The process of cultural change is one of the key elements necessary for the successful implementation of an organizational performance management system and allows for a more hospiable working environment. Key management individuals are asked to participate in leadership seminars and teamwork activities, which prepare them for change. After this training, the environment is measured using different assessment tools and personality testing, providing feedback to each executive, department head and supervisor as to their own perception as well as their employees' and others'. Coaching provided to each individual in the development of a plan and periodically to assure attainment of the plan.

Balanced Scorecard allows your organization to keep track of all your organizational performance management activities. Some of the most important performance measure are those dealing with customer and employees needs, satisfaction, operational effectiveness and organizational culture.Our consultants assist in the system design and train the users in its operation and its underlying organizational performance management concepts.
Culture and Leadership Processes is one of the key elements necessary for the successful implementation of an Organizational Performance Management System, allowing for a more hospitable working environment.
Strategy Management intregates customer needs and requirements and matchs those to what the organization can do to meet those needs. Benchmarking is performed to gain an understanding of competitors and others who are best in class. The results of these efforts are an integrated strategic and operational plan that can be deployed throughout all levels of the organization and can serve as a guide for the process management and improvement of the business on a periodic basis.
Process Management teaches process owners how to determine customer requirements, how to measure the satisfaction of those requirements, how to determine th upstream measures that if properly managed will assure that these requirements are satisfied, how to prioritize the processes and sub-process that require the most improvement efforts, and how to manage their process on a daily basis using statistical tools and techniques. It also teaches process owners how to design new processes to assure that the customer requirements are met or exceeded.
Performance Measurement identifies the key performance drivers that will assure that the organization is headed in hte strategic direction it has chosen. A measurement system or a cascaded "Balanced Scorecard" should be developed to facilitate the flow of, accessibility, timeliness, reliability, and linkage of these measures to the approriate levels. A cause and effect linkage relationship should also be developed among the indicators so that analysis can be performed and decisions can be made for allocation of resources, process changes, and changes in direction. Our firm provides help to our clients int he development og an integrated Performance Measurement System. We will help you improve how you deal with the information you receive from customer complaints/responses, process documentation, process changes, and all other relevant quality data.
Business Processing Reengineering™ is related to continuous quality improvement (CQI) in many ways, even though the Reengineering methodology has been popularized as if it were distinct from CQI. BPR methods are used when policy deployment or strategic planning perceives the need to make drastic changes in order for the organization to survive.
ISO 9000 assistant for certification audit. This area has become necessary for all organizations conducting international business or trying to export to European countries. It is also become increasingly important as companies are using the ISO 9000 standard as a prerequisite for doing any business whatsoever.
Team Process Facilitation will assign to work with these teams to assist them with their contingency areas. We will assist the teams to use the tools and improvement methodology. This will improve their performance, assure their success, and continue buy-in.