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TESTIMONALS - Sharing Successes

The following are comments, shared in writing, about our Sharing Successes Conferences held annually.


December 7, 2001 @ South Miami Conference Center
If you would like to post your comments about this year's conference, please email us at sharingsuccesses@adventgroup.com.

October 11, 2000 @ FIU Graham Conference Center
"Excellent and diversified organizations that prove innovations in customer servce are necessary for success."
Norma Roig
Special Projects Adminstration for Miami Dade County-Department of Solid Waste Management

"Very Empowering.  Identified many ways to begin the process of reaching performance excellence."
Maria Saboya
Special Projects Administration for Miami Dade County-Port of Miami

"The presentations were good.  However, most of the changes are more direct at the management levels.  In general, there're some good stuff noted and related to all attendees."
Sam Fateru
Family Services Counselor for State of Florida-Department of Children and Families

"The presentations were well done overall.  Being able to see how others are working to change their organizations.  Service Manager need to be in attendance.  Too often we're 'preaching to the choir'.  Those that need to be here are back at the offices."
Scott Joiner
Learning and Development Counsultant for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida

"It was refreshing to see/hear people from companies that was their crediibilty and maintain a high standard of excellence.  It is also nice to know that other companies put passion into leadership and excellence as well."
Michelle Naples
Recruiter for New Horizons

"My overall opinion is completely satisfactory with today's presentation.  I would like to thank you and also thank my company for allowing me to be here today.  I feel that with the knowledge that I have learned today I can help my company achieve better quality.  This way we can make our ultimate goal which is satisfy our customer."
Robert Mates, Jr.
Senior Technician for Beckman Coulter

"The presentations which worked well, those that made sense, i.e. we goat an understanding of how, what, and why they did what they did, relevent and applicable to me/my work on transferable.  It is very frustrating to not be able to read PowerPoint Presentations due to small print, and the same holds true, especially, for handouts.  I want to be able to read the handouts, so I can refer to them in the future!"
Sarah McKinnon
Performance Consultant for VITAS Health Care

"Moving the Rock" - "very helpful, especially talent plus process for getting and keeping the right employees."
Claudia Bonden
Performance Consultant for VITAS Health Care

"As always, it was excellent!  Sissy Nogars (Workers Compensation) was an excellent speaker, Ken Rigsby's (Pinellas County Schools) presentation was very moving and Tim Connor (Munroe Regional Medical Center) was very entertaining.  The video presentations were definitely a plus."
Rosa M. Fernandez
Senior QA Specialist for Nabi

"It really helped to structure some ideas that I had.  I also get great ideas and principles to organize my customer service ideas.  It also helped because my supervisors were there to hear the speakers. It helps them to have an open mind when I bring my ideas!"
Lorrie Nicholson
Trainer for New Horizons

"Inspirational strive for excellence."
Hilda M. Ortiz
Personnel Services Specialist for State of Florida-Miami Dade County Health Department

"Great speakers: informative and entertaining."
Alan Maldonado
Quality Assurance Specialist for Nabi

"Could have gotten more if quality of overhead presentation was better (out of focus) and if lights were dimmed when showing video.  Need more speakers like Tim Connor (Munroe Regional Medical Center)."
Anne Cates
A.O. 3 of Miami Dade County-Department of Solid Waste Management

"A lot of information.  Excellent presenters.  Especially impressed woth presentation about Azalia Elementary.  Gave me a new perspective on schooling and how even children are impacted by quality ideas and processes."
Maria E. Bauer
Product Release Specialist for Beckman Coulter

"Ken Rigsby was very motivational.  Excellent video presentation.  Tim Connor was a great sense of humor.   And with a great message.  Overall, I gained motivation and practical solutions for a tremedous challenge!"
Lisette Ziniga
Operations and Management Consultant for State of Florida-Miami Dade County Health Department

"All the speakers offered informative information.  Tim Connor not only provided excellent informative in starting a quality program, but was very entertaining.  I believe the content, as well as the presentation, was excellent."
Georgina Toro
CRA Associate for City of Homestead

"Overall, good mix of business, education, and government speakers.  Lunch format did not allow an opportunity to meet and talk to attendees.  Missed opportunity!"
Ed Garcia
Supply Chain Manager of Latin America for Johnson & Johnson

"Sharing Successes provided an excellent forum for professionals from various sectors to share in learning and to identify next steps for their organizations."
Ken Rigsby
Assistant Superintendent for Pinellas County Schools

"Excellent presentations, true role models presented and very motivating speakers."
Onelia Fajardo Pla
Manager of Refugee Health Assessment Program for State of Florida-Miami Dade County Health Department

"Rick, again ytou have put together an excellent Sharing Successes Conference.  Despite the last minute emergencies, you pulled together excellent replacement speakers.  Hats off to you and Advent Group."
Alice Montell
AAII for State of Florida-Department of Children and Families

"A reminder that we must tie measurement, process, and customer expectations to continuous improvement on a daily basis."
Karen J. Viera
Project Manager for Assurant Group

"The variety of presentations was good.  It was once again clearly established that teamwork is the only way to be highly successful."
Ian Paguandas
Senior Electronic Technician for Beckman Coulter

"We are not alone - good to see other companies are still on the journey."
Charles Bearhan
Director of Patient Billing for VITAS Health Care

"Valuable information about working in teams.  Also, if we enjoy and beleve in what we are doing (our work), we can make the difference."
Eduardo Quitian
Manufacture Assistant for Beckman Coulter

"Excellent opportunity for networking and benchmarking with our local businesses.  Rosa Beckett's (Merrill Lynch) presentation was outstanding."
Carol Bacor
Hospital Adminsitration Assistant for State of Florida-Department of Children and Families

September 16, 1999 @ FIU Graham Conference Center
"Great source of information.  Excellent networking event.  I am more able to understand the approach to putting together process changes."
Priscilla Brittner
Product Manager for Ryder Systems, Inc.

"The presenters were both informative and entertaining.  Their is an excellent opportunity to share information curtial for success."
Steve Collins
Director of TQMS Services for Florida State Hospital

"Excellent speakers.  Allowed me to listen to other types of industries which broadens your perspectives."
Rosa M. Fernandez
Senior QA Specialist for Nabi

"Practical ideas to implement, encouragement in the quality journey, government involvement in Sterling."
Kiki Valdes
Human Resources Director for State of Florida-Miami Dade County Health Department

"Stimulatine - Encouraged reflection on what we are doing and reenforced principles."
Sraham Jarman
Director of Manufacturing for Beckman Coulter

"Good points of views from companies facing the same issues or goals."
Kim Swackhammer
Corporate Operations Analyst for Assurant Group

"It was very informative and valuable."
Ana Sidar
Kid Care Coordinate for State of Florida-Miami Dade County Health Department

"Very good.  Reenforcement and enhancement of continuous quality improvement values."
Mary Smith
Director of Continuous Quality Improvement for State of Florida-Deparment of Children and Families

"Excellent quality of speakers and subjects."
A.J. Acosta
CEO/CFO of Megatran, Inc.

"It was a worth while seminar.  Sharing of some excellent ideas."
Kannan Krishman
Principal Quality Engineer for Beckman Coulter

"Better each year.  Rick, thanks!"
Paula Schimpf
Nursing Prog. Specialist for Stat of Florida-Miami Dade County Health Department

"Enjoyed.  Learning a lot.  Valued shorter day (kept me fresher).  Lunch was great!"
Sarah McKinnon
Internal Consultant Education for VITAS Health Care

"I am very pleased with the program and quality of context presented."
Pedro Guerra
Training Representative for Beckman Coulter

"The trianing was very informative; however. the training should have been extended a few hours to allow all presenters ample time to complete their topics of instructions."
Joyce Chester
Corrections Captain for Miami Dade County Corrections Department

"Well done and useful ideas presented."
Aimar Damon
Manager of Tactical Procurement for Beckman Coulter

"Excellent information willing shared."
Ron W. Bazil
Compliance/Quality Monitor Analyst for Lockheed Martin IMS

On behalf of the staff of Sharing Successes and Advent Group, we would like to thank all the sponsors, participates, and attendees that made these conferences so successful.