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WHAT IF . . .?

THEN . . .
You knew how well employees understand your organization's strategic direction and what to do to achieve the goals?
Your organizational goals would be easier to achieve in a more systematic, timely and efficient manner.
You could identify the obstacles that are limiting your employees' ability and desire to achieve those goals?
Your employees would reach performance levels you could only dream about!
Your employees were more productive and motivated knowing management had a genuine interest in their perceptions, ideas, and needs?
Readiness for change, as well as a sense of belonging, and ownership would increase, creating organizational success beyond expectations!
You could identify what steps you could take to improve employee retention and satisfaction?
Employee knowledge, skills and experience would increase lower recruitment, and training costs.
You could discover any hidden factors that are causing unrest and reduced morale, making you vulnerable for unionization?
Threats from unionization movements would be significantly reduced since loyalty levels of truly satisfied employees would resist such proposals.
You had hard quantifiable measures to support your human resource decision-making?
The strategic value of your HR efforts would be easier to justify.
You could use periodic measurements to assess the effect that your actions have had on your organizational effectiveness?
Adjustments could be made to assure that the organizational goals are met.

Advent Group, Inc. works with your management team to connect
those "WHAT IF'S" and "THEN'S" by implementing an

Employee Performance Survey Process
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   Advent Group, Inc.
With our guidance, our clients have been recognized for achieving the highest standards of Performance Excellence by the Baldrige, Sterling, Davis Productivity Awards and other international honors.
Our unique methods have proven, vertifiable results.
Our cross-industry experience allows us to successfully transfer "Best Practices" from one industry sector to another.
Our international and cross-cultural experience allows us to best meet the needs of diverse business communities.
We are local to South Florida, providing you with the highest levels of personalized service and no travel costs.
We deliver total customer satisfaction and guarantee our work to be accurate, timely, and effective.