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     Supply Chain Management     

We provide a specialized service to organizations that seek to merge or align their suppliers into their Organizational Performance Management System. The process that's refined is completely integrated and systematic in nature. This includes training the proper staff within the organization, as well as the suppliers; developing a plan for implementation; assisting the organization to determine the high-priority products or services critical to the organization's success; focusing on the deployment of those products or services to the proper teams to improve supplier products, services, and processes; and feedback about the performance of the supplier. Also included is the development of a Strategic Supplier Alignment Model that is deployed to the key suppliers and which is also used to develop a Supplier Strategic Scorecard as well as a Purchasing Strategic Scorecard. These metrics are linked so as to develop a cause and effect relationship between the performance of the suppliers and the performance of Purchasing and of the Buying Organization as a whole. The system is based on experience with a Deming Prize winning company as well as research and experience with other organizations.

Supplier Alignment is offered to determine which are the suppliers that best align to the Organization's Key Business Drivers.
Supplier Quality Management Performance-based contracts are developed with key metrics and quality requirements to become part of a systematic feedback methodology that can be used to continuously identify and improve the highest priority cross-organizational processes as well as internal processes that the supplier's products are used in.
Purchasing, Processing and Improvement We have often found that some of the biggest hurdles facing a truly well integrated Supply Chain is not just the selection of suppliers and their logistics and quality, but rather the processes that Purchasing uses on a regular basis to conduct business. Often these become deterrents in building long-term win-win relationships with suppliers. We work with your management team to analyze and improve these processes for the benefit of the Buying Organization as well as the Supply Chain. This may encompass simple process changes such as authorization requirements to the most difficult integration of E-Business or ERP systems.