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Diagnostic & Assessment Services

Surveys, diagnostics, and performance assessments allow consultants and executives to get a better grasp of their current situation, needs, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the existing areas for improvement in the organization. Various survey services are provided including:

Performance Measurement System Assessment will work with your employees to determine the current KPD (Key Performance Drivers) of your organizations, and then review all business units to determine if their existing Performance Measures were adequate to align with the KPD's identified and then to assure that they are appropriate to make managerial decisions. Timelines, accuracy, completeness, appropriateness, and flexibility are also reviewed.
Customer Surveys to measure customer satisfaction and to prioritize improvement opportunities.
Supplier Surveys to gather information about their feelings toward the organization with respect to the health of the customer-supplier relationship.
Employee and Organizational Culture Surveys to gain input on areas for performance improvement and current employee retention and satisfaction levels.
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (Sterling) Criteria Assessment provides a quick initial assessment of your organization versus this comprehensive world-class management system criteria.
Organizational Competency Assessment are used to determine the extent to which high performance concepts and skills are being deployed throughout the organization, current levels of employee satisfaction, and areas of improvement.