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Mission & Values

Advent Group Inc. (AGI) supports organizations in their desire to improve their financial and operational performance. We do this by building a relationship based culture and a unified management approach that drive the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. AGI is an organizational performance services company established in Miami, Florida. AGI assists their clients in the "Advancement of Organizational Performance" through the implementation of world class management systems, philosophies, and methodologies. At AGI we believe that:

Our clients, employees, and suppliers are our most important assets and that mutually beneficial partnerships should be developed with all parties.

Our work is of the utmost professional level and will meet or exceed our clients' expectations every time.

We will gain our clients' confidence and trust through our professional capabilities, our integrity, and the value and results provided by our services.

A focus on a successful and timely implementation of our services is critical.

Our clients deserve creative, innovative, practical, and cost-effective alternatives to meet their needs.

We must continue to improve our services constantly to stay ahead of the competition.

Our firm's leadership in the performance consulting field should be used for the improvement of the community we live in.