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Solutions & Tools
We work with your management team to achieve higher levels of Organizational Performance by developing your people and improving your processes.  Together we build a relationship based culture and a unified management approach that jointly drive the organization to achieve its strategic objectives.  AGI's consultants can support your efforts.

Balanced Performance Scorecard allows your organization to keep track of all your organizational performance management activities.
Strategy Management is offer to identify your customer market segments, their overall needs and relative importance and thereby improve the strength of your long-term relationships with your customers.
Organizational Development allows consultants and executives to get a better grasp of their current situation, needs, strengths and weaknesses, and the existing areas for improvement int he organization.
Issue Management is offer to manage company issues and to deteremine the action that shall be taken to resolve them.
Purchasing & Supplier Management is offer to organizations seeking a link to their suppliers into their Organizational Performance Management System.
Self Assessment & Quality System allows organizations to analysis the gaps and to determine what needs to been done to improve.
Books, Videos, CDs, Audio Casseettes are offered that support our overall services.